Bonna premium porcelain/Bonna porcelain

Description :

In the middle of the planet in which Asia and Europe match, Bonna porcelain provides fast deliveries using the advantage of the strategic position for a present. Our aim to craft a beautiful table looks for busy dining surroundings. We all know the value of service quality and we’re offering a partnership at the same intensive pace for the hospitality industry. Quick shipping and item availability is another important topic for the hospitality market. We’re wholes sale supplier of Bonna porcelain in Dubai, Bonna porcelain in Saudi and Bonna porcelain in Abu Dhabi. Atoz world hospitality is also providing services to top suppliers 5 stars hotels and luxury hotel suppliers in the UAE.

Atoz world not doing quality compromise on the products we’re providing edge chipping warranty because Chipping could be one of many most important dilemmas for many hospitality companies and Hotel supply companies. At the business, nearly %70 of this renewal of breakages as a result of their stink. Bonna porcelain focuses primarily on the production of exceptionally powerful however delicate goods, which furnish life advantage chip guarantee in flexible and advanced collections.

BONNA Premium Porcelain products are designed & produced with over 30 year’s experience. their aim is to craft beautiful table appearances for busy dining environments.they also try to make new and unique porcelain design
with advancement, we aim to cover all kinds of hotel supply store in the UAE.

AtoZ world hotel supply authorized hotel supply distribution of Bonna porcelain in UAE. Atoz word hospitality is also providing the following services about Bonna product supply in Dubai. Color Porcelain, Mate porcelain,100 % Lifetime Edge Chip warranty, Thermal Shock Resistance, Translucency, Scratch Resistance, Stackability, Safe Microwave Oven, Dishwasher Safe 100 %.

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