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Glassware Supplies for Restaurants and Bars

The Latest Trends in Glassware Supplies for Restaurants and Bars in Dubai

Glassware Supplies for Restaurants and Bars in Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the biggest hubs for hospitality, with a wide range of hotels, restaurants and bars to visit. The city is well known for its high-end luxury experiences which prides itself in providing exceptional service to its customers. So it’s no question why, in recent years, there has been a significant shift in the types of glassware used by restaurants, bars and cafes all over Dubai.

In this article, we will explore all of those trends and more to make sure you’re caught up with the ever-evolving hospitality industry present in the tourist heart of the UAE.

Note Down Nostalgia

Glassware remains one of the most essential tools when it comes to establishing the theme and atmosphere of your bar. Locking these aspects of your business down helps make sure your presentation and service are not only consistent but eye-catching as well. 

Nowadays, the idea of vintage bars and restaurants is at an all-time high, with many customers looking to capture those years gone by. It may seem contradictory in nature to hold on to past aesthetics but the sentiments that are attached to personal memories and nostalgia can drive guests to keep coming back for more.

Consider introducing glassware that will bring your customers back in time such as glasses or trays which evoke a rustic and more classic vibe.

The Magic in Minimalism

Using more minimalist options can provide a benefit not only to the aesthetics of your restaurant or bar but also to cut down on the number of choices you have to make. While it is not a sin to have colourful complicated and eye-catching designs, the trend of minimalism maintains that your business has an eye for detail and class.

This minimalist approach also allows your restaurant or bar to put its focus on the quality of its products rather than spend as much time worrying about the aesthetic inconsistencies that are inevitably going to pop up from time to time.

Colour and Customisation

While some restaurants may prefer a more minimalist approach as mentioned above, the trends of colourful and eye-catching designs never fade in any industry and the same can be said for hospitality. Check on any restaurant or bar today and you’ll see a smattering of coloured glasses which emphasise a fun and jovial time of relaxation and consumption.

Another growing trend that compliments this idea of colourful designs is customisation. While having generic glassware is well and good, opting for a more customised feel to each product can help in having customers associate a fun time with the logo of your restaurant. Customisation is usually achieved in something as simple as slapping a logo onto your glasses but they can get as elaborate as having custom-designed glass that is specific to your establishment.

This may come at a steep cost but if you’re looking to add a more personalised kick for your customers to experience then it is more than worth it in the long run.

Copper or Rosé

There is an age-old back and forth that exists between whether or not using copper glass and barware is as effective as using Rose or Rose Gold bar and glassware. While it may seem like a binary choice, the answer of what to use wholly depends on the aesthetic and presentation you are trying to put forward towards your customers.

Rose or Rose Gold products usually evoke a sentiment of class and style, sleekness is the main draw and these factors complement well with a minimalistic approach. This can be seen in more than just the hospitality industry, look at the smartphone industry, for example, the use of Rose Gold is usually done to show off and enhance slim and simple-in-design phones to the public.

Copper, on the other hand, evokes warmer and more rustic feelings, homeliness and familiarity are its strongest suit and as such are used in restaurants and bars that cater to that nostalgia without having to sacrifice modern sensibilities to do so. The warm orange and metallic hues of copper can help sell the idea of your bar or restaurant serving as a place of relaxation and rest.

Go Eco-Friendly

The growing trend towards eco-friendly glassware may not solely be for the purposes of pushing an aesthetic but it does ensure that your establishment, be it a restaurant, bar or hotel, gets the benefit of helping the environment in the long run. It is important for a company to keep sustainability in mind and looking for eco-friendly options is a good place to start.

Commonly, these products take the form of glassware made out of recycled materials. Another way to incorporate eco-friendly products into your restaurant or bar is to look for packaging and bar tools that have been made sustainably, this aspect does entail a little more effort in researching and looking for reliable suppliers but that is an inherent part of the process in itself.

Where We Come In

The hospitality industry in Dubai is ever-evolving, and new trends are being formed left and through especially as we get more connected through social media and the internet as a whole. So it can be tough to keep an eye on these trends and know which ones to capitalise on and how long they even last.

While we at A to Z can’t predict how well these trends are going to succeed, we do have a variety of products designed for any form of business style and aesthetic your restaurant may have. We suggest you take a look at our Rocco Bromioli line of glassware which can provide your restaurant or bar with fun and stylish coloured glasses or rustic decanters for that nostalgic pop as well as everything in between.

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