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We at A-Z Hospitality have everything you need to cover all types of facilities ranging from all types of locations. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or kitchen equipment, our broad range of high-quality, long-lasting products are sure to make a statement and improve your business.

When purchasing from us, you can expect only the best of the best for your business in cost-effective and flexible products. We connect our clients to a network of high-profile manufacturers that maximizes and empowers your supply chain, providing transparency and honesty along the way.

Global Purchasing Organizations like A-Z are committed to not only providing the goods necessary for your business. We provide you with extensive information on supply chain processes. This data can be helpful in opening ways to evaluate the next steps within the supply chain and gather any shortcomings to overcome.

A sales agreement is generated quickly and efficiently, right after negotiations from both parties are made. This helps lessen any hiccups and delays along the way which can stunt your business’ growth.

Yes! Seamless ordering, pricing, negotiations, and shipments can be made with our marketplace specifically designed as a platform for other businesses. We have built it to navigate the tough areas of B2B cross-border trade and ensure that both sides are happy.

Any trader, whether it’s a seller or buyer can sign-up and access the marketplace. Any provided personal & business information gets put through our safe and secure system which serves as a screening process to quickly verify the identity of traders alongside their company.

Enjoy the benefits of a marketplace that is perfect for any business that needs high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. Contact us through the details found on our website or use our simple contact form to get further in touch with us.

If the order is time-sensitive, make sure to contact our customer service department before placing an order to ensure that it will be received right at the agreed time. However, a general guide is to wait 7-10 days for the delivery to arrive.


A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies is engaged in manufacturing, sourcing, and supplying superior quality kitchen and restaurant supplies worldwide. Being a prominent name in the hospitality industry, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies is renowned for its dedicated services and top-class quality products. The hospitality sector trusts A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies because of its durable, reliable, and top-notch quality hotel supplies in UAE.

A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies has developed a unique identity in the hospitality sector with its best hospitality supplies in Dubai. Our company supplies kitchen and restaurant equipment that are manufactured and packed with decisive care so that they can meet the expectations of the customers. Integrity and innovation are the basic core values of A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies that help us in being recognized as the industry leaders for all catering-related needs of the hospitality sector. We apply cutting-edge technology for all the products manufactured and delivered to the hotel industry across UAE.

With excellent service and a classic collection of catering supplies, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies aims to create a history in the hotel supplies business in Dubai. Starting from scratch, today we have attained the leading position as a hotel supplier in Dubai.


For the last 15 years, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies is setting your tables with a comprehensive crockery collection. We add a touch of class with our extensive range of crockery and cutlery, tableware and other kitchen equipment. We also offer a diversified range of restaurant equipment and accessories manufactured by top brands at consumer-friendly prices. Whether you need restaurant crockery, tableware, and other catering equipment, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies is always there to serve its clients with leading suppliers across the world. Our success lies in the fact that we aim to facilitate our clients with different budget range. Whether you are a small level catering business, a newly established restaurant or a chain of hotels, we have catering products and hospitality supplies covering all high or low budgets. Our cost-conscious approach always makes us the first priority of the hospitality sector.

A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies provides amazing products that are manufactured at the leading brands in the hospitality sector. We stock the high-class brands only because we strive to earn life-long loyalty of our customers.


Serving in the hospitality industry for more than a decade is based upon a single vision of serving our clients and attaining their satisfaction at any cost. Our ultimate goal is to maximize our customer satisfaction by providing them with what is mandatory to rule over the hospitality industry with flying colors. We believe that a good purchase begins with useful advice, that is why our customer support service is working round the clock. We provide prompt responses and a perfect solution for all the hospitality sector equipment and accessories supply problems.


The mission statement of A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies states that;

“To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality”.

Working in the hospitality supplies field is our passion, and with compassion, one can reach the heights of success. Once we took the first step in the hospitality supplies field, we were passionate that we can do anything as long as we have the motivation, the drive, the focus and the support to do that work. Our highly dedicated team has brought our mission to reality and today we feel privileged to become a partner of some renowned brands in the hotel industry. We try to contribute to their success with our top-notch quality kitchen equipment and hotel supplies. We have a firm belief that with conviction and devotion, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies will soon become the top brand in the hotel supplies industry.


A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies has earned professional excellence in producing, designing, supplying and installing all kinds of hospitality supplies near you. We have completed almost thousands of projects till date. A to Z WORLD Hospitality supplies feels pride in declaring that we have been serving some of the very prominent names of the hospitality industry for years. Our clientage shows that we never compromise on quality at any cost. Our dedicated team members are always motivated to serve our worthy clients with more conviction and devotion. We hope that our promising team with their consistent professional approach, will grab the attention of many others belonging to the catering and hospitality industry. Some of the satisfied clients of A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies are mentioned below;

In a short period of time, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies have succeeded in expanding their business globally and winning customer loyalty with outstanding services. The hidden secret behind our remarkable success is the availability of stock when our clients need it. At A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies, we do our best to acknowledge the needs of our worthy clients and ensure professional assistance to our customers whenever they approach us.


Lets have a sneak peek at some of our auspicious product range and services;


The taste of the food depends upon the right temperature it requires and the time it takes to cook. We can achieve the desired taste with the right utensil, appropriate temperature, and cooking pans. The wide range of kitchen utensils at A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies includes all you need to cook and attractively present your food. The kitchen utensils product range starts from knives, spoons, chopping boards to other essential kitchen equipment. All cooking accessories are available at A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies to facilitate the cooking expertise of your hotels chef.


We are offering quality-wise excellent kitchen equipment that you need to decorate your hotel kitchen more incredibly. Interestingly, our provided equipment follows trendy styles and quality designs, and it means you will get both at the same time; quality and modern features.

If we talk about what is included in kitchen equipment, firstly crockery. Secondly, dinnerware, kitchen knives, cutlery, barware, tabletop, holloware, pizza tools, and much more. We ensure luxurious, stronger, and quality-wise best crockery supplies, so you get what you are paying for.


A beautiful and eye-catchy presentation of food is impossible until we add some distinctive sort of crockery to it. A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies offers an extensive range of stylish and delicate crockery that will make your customers feel very special. Our cutlery and pottery have the same glare which is needed to make your dinner exclusive. From porcelain to ceramic, bon-China to stone-ware, our cutlery and crockery is designed with a touch of class because our aim is to achieve the satisfaction of our clients. We are offering a distinguished variety of versatile crockery sets that meet your needs. Because of this versatility, customers prefer our products. You can get crockery sets in any color or pattern to match your kitchen decor at our place.

Our quality hospitality products in Dubai are highly regarded among our clients. We offer the best hotel supplies in Dubai and beyond, including:


The art of presenting food to customers lies in the capability of enhancing the convivial pleasure of a meal. We offer some very rare secrets that can turn your ordinary meal presentation into an unforgettable one. When running a restaurant, the overall environment and ambiance of the staff must reflect right down to the tableware. The tableware offered by A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies have the capacity to grab the attention of your customers with its hallmark tableware accessories.

Our tissue is known for its exceptional quality, high functionality and durability. In addition, we offer customization services for attributes such as size, shape and capacity. In other words, from the very minor to major accessories required for arranging a special dinner, A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies has everything you need.


The discipline and professional brilliance of any customer service-providing place can be detected in the neatness and tidiness of its employees. Similarly, a well-dressed hotel staff reflects the refined aesthetic sense and core values of the hotel’s management. It is a fact that your kitchen chef, waiters, and other hotel staff should look apart, smart, professional and should present your brand impressively. Along with the modern kitchen equipment, we also provide you with the uniforms you need for the staff. It has been observed that staff uniform highly impacts the customer perspective regarding the hotel, and leaves a longer-lasting impression. So, you need to choose the best uniform for your staff, so you ensure professionalism and a longer-lasting impression on your customers regarding your service.

Connect with us today, and ensure the highest standards.


Running a bar means you need plenty of products that should be durable, modernized, and made with the utmost quality. Drink and cocktail accessories should be designed to make every drink special. We offer a wide range of fine material-made accessories from ice crushers to bar blenders.


Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and high-quality product range, we have gained a large customer base across the country. We have become the number one choice for best hotel supplies customers in Dubai for some of the following salient features:

  • High-quality products
  • Ethical business policies
  • Easy payment modes
  • The skilled team of professionals
  • Wide distribution network
  • Transparent dealings
  • Customized products

With over a decade of valuable industry experience, we have achieved excellence in manufacturing and supplying kitchen and hotel appliances. As Dubai’s best hotel supplies distributor, we manufacture our tableware using premium materials in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Multiple reasons convince our customers to choose us over the other competitors in the hospitality catering industry. Our continuous efforts to support our customers even after purchasing kitchen and restaurant equipment from us have helped us develop a loyal relationship with our clients. Besides dedication and commitment, our customers choose us because;

  • We offer durable and high-quality hotel supplies and equipment that are suitable for intensive use
  • Fastest delivery and round the clock online presence to serve you best
  • We have a warehouse that manufactures all kinds of spare parts that are required in case of extreme need or emergency
  • Maintaining a positive reputation for more than 15 years along with a high customer satisfaction rate of 9/10
  • We also offer after-sales service to our regular clients so we are your companion throughout your life.


Customer service is an area that we take quite seriously because we know that our success lies in the satisfaction of our clients. For every hour that we are operating, we need a dedicated and promising customer service team and we are fortunate enough to be blessed with such a devoted team. Our customer service center is available to deliver quality and prompt services just in time. Our team endeavors to assist our clients by answering their queries and requests. The customer service unit is accompanied by an operations team that cares when and how your demanded products are picked and delivered. We assure that all our customers can get their desired products just at their doorstep, no matter where they are located.


We have an enthusiastic fleet of delivery vehicles that are pursuing their career by delivering the accurate product at the right place and in time. Our drivers ensure that all orders are handled with care and delivered safely to their destination. We have a professional relationship with a renowned courier service committed to providing hospitality supplies to our clients located abroad.


At A to Z WORLD Hospitality Supplies, we will feel pride in serving you round the clock with our team of competent professionals. Stay in touch through our 24/7 online customer support service and get your orders registered. Contact Hospitality Supplies Now. Also Find us at: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, Dasauge, Issuu, Reddit, Good Reads, Ranker, bloglovin, Pexels, Buzzfeed, last.Fm, Slideshare, Medium, 500px, Triberr, Magnitt, weheartit, Minds, Tripadvisor, Theverge, Trepup, Twitter.