A to Z World Hospitality Supplies


stainless steel DIN 1.4034, hardened; bracket: stainless steel DIN 1.4016; Brass; PA glass fiber reinforced
Length: 21.3cm
Width: 2cm
Height: 1.2cm


With the triangle asparagus knife, the stick-shaped vegetables can be peeled and prepared professionally and with just one tool: First, the movable clip is adjusted to the desired peel thickness and fixed according to the asparagus quality. Then the ends of the asparagus are trimmed with the end of the razor-sharp blade. Then the paring knife is set at a flat angle directly under the asparagus head and pulled down quickly with light pressure. To avoid fiber build-up, we recommend shaking the asparagus knife from time to time in a cup of water provided.
The correct handling of the asparagus knife, especially finding the perfect angle, requires a little practice. But then the asparagus knife is far superior to conventional peelers. Can be resharpened if necessary.
Dishwasher-safe, but to keep the extreme sharpness for a long time, we recommend hand cleaning.