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Fish Spatula

58 536 18 fish spatula 18 CM
stainless steel
Length: 32.5cm
Width: 18cm
Height: 2.5cm


Fish turner 1946. The 1946 range includes kitchen utensils for every day, all redesigned and unique in their handling.

Our fish spatula are made of brushed 18/10 stainless steel and with a solid material thickness, They are indestructible and withstand rough everyday use in the restaurant kitchen as confidently as they impress at the buffet and at the table with their design.

All parts of the series were put to the test and optimized in their function. The soup and sauce ladle pour drip-free, the turner and spoon are strong and ergonomic and the skimmer provides large, square holes for perfect and clog-free drainage of liquids.

Another special is the two flexible stainless steel and nylon turners. The heads are very thin, but nevertheless strong and highly flexible. So they slide easily under sensitive food such as fried eggs, scallops, or fine pastries and lift and turn without risk of breakage.

“1946” combines triangles core values ​​of quality, functionality, and sustainability in perfection. And so company founder Erwin Hill, who laid the foundation stone for triangle in 1946, would have been proud of this series and thus inspired its name.

Stainless and dishwasher safe.