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A to Z World – Brings You The Best Kitchen Knives in Dubai!

A to Z World is dedicated to providing high-precision, high-quality kitchen knives. We offer a large inventory of innovative and exotic knife steels and alloy materials, thanks to our years of expertise in the business. We work with well-known companies in the industry to bring you the best hotel supplies!

kitchen knives support not only big businesses but also small businesses. Whether you want to upgrade your commercial kitchen, or are starting from scratch. We have got you covered!

Simultaneously, we’ve mastered the unique rigorous quality control system required for these materials. We continue to innovate and improve our hotel collection knife set and technology.

A to Z World offers a diverse selection of kitchen knives, ranging from budget-friendly blades for the occasional or hobby cook to high-end models.

We offer a unique collection of elegantly designed knives. The primary focus of our firm includes ceramic knives, steel knives, color kitchen knives, sharpeners, knife blocks, and other kitchen tools.

We are top-grade kitchen knives suppliers in Dubai. Our goods are mostly utilized in supermarkets, hotels, and Western-style restaurants. Other places of business or retail stores also employ our products. Our diverse assortment of hotel supplies is widely employed in the local and worldwide food industries.

Take a look at our unique feature!

We strive to maintain a win-win situation with our clients. The success of your company is our success.

  • Our kitchen Knife has a broad, robust blade and good cutting edge that is sturdy and weighty.


  • Suitable for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, slicing and dicing fish and meat.


  • Our all-rounder kitchen knives are ideal for professionals and recreational cooks alike. It’s possible to use it in a circular, rocking, or chopping motion.


  • We continue to provide the greatest kitchen knives at competitive pricing for professional chefs. We specialize in a large range of name-brand items at a fantastic price.

A high-quality chef’s knife is an essential piece of kitchen equipment. It may be used to not only cut meat, fish, and vegetables but also to weigh and chop herbs and a variety of other materials.

We, A to Z World, are recognised for our fast shipping, and trustworthy customer service. We have unbeatable client satisfaction both domestically and internationally. Within 24 hours, our staff will respond with competent assistance.

Our hotel supplies arrive as quickly as possible, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

At A to Z World, we understand and respect our customers’ values and needs. We endeavor to provide exceptional service to our valued clients. We are motivated by their positive feedback. We sincerely believe that our success and growth are built on the happiness and confidence of our consumers.

We look forward to working with you to win the future.

Kitchen Knives Material

A to Z World is recognised for its elegant and broad collection of hotel supplies. We know exactly what our customers want. Our Horeca products always meet their needs and expectations.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

Our stainless-steel hotel collection knife set has everything you need to showcase your knife skills.

Our stainless-steel knives are famous for rust resistance and easy maintenance. Our stainless-steel knives are manufactured using sophisticated technology that blends high carbon and other high-performance alloys. This gives them rust resistance and extended edge retention.

Our stainless kitchen knives work exceptionally well in the kitchen. This makes them a hit among customers. The surface is resistant to tarnishing and remains glossy for years. It secures a permanent place in your barware collection!


Kitchen Knives Manufacturing Brands Offered at A to Z World

The goal of A to Z World is to deliver high-quality hotel supplies near you.

We have good working ties with some of the world’s most well-known hotel knives manufacturers. A to Z World collaborates with top knives manufacturers throughout the world to deliver high-quality products.

Have a look at the following brand:

●      IVO Portugal

IVO Portugal is a Portuguese knife brand that produces knives for both professional and domestic usage. It has more than 60 years of experience exporting to more than 74 countries throughout the world.

A to Z World is among the renowned kitchen knives suppliers of IVO cutlery.

At A to Z World, we offer filleting knife of the highest quality for fish, meat, and poultry processing factories. A polished, long-lasting blade is intended to keep a razor-sharp cutting edge. With a transparent support cover and non-slip protection, it’s made of the best grade stainless steel.


Why Choose Us

We, at A to Z World, are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the fastest-growing hotel knife suppliers. We are one of Dubai’s most trusted suppliers of cutlery equipment.

We’ve never compromised on product quality and have always given our customers the best!

Our knives have a nice balance and weight. They fit well in the hand. A to Z World should be your first pick when searching for the best kitchen knives near me.

If you visit our website or store, we guarantee that A to Z has much more to offer.

Our items are unique, contributing to the elegance and refinement of your hotel. We take pride in ensuring the winning success of our clients’ food enterprise with our long-lasting, glossy, stainless, easy-to-clean, and distinctively designed Hotel supplies.