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How can one set a dining table without adding the contemporary patterned knife set from A to Z supplies? Our company feels pride in claiming that we can bring your hotel cutlery to life with the best hotel knives designed by the biggest manufacturers of cutlery across the globe. The best knife set provided by A to Z Supplies is not only good for the hotel industry but is equally affordable and perfect for domestic use also. The sharp knives with rounded edges are safe to use and their flawless glare adds more value to your dining table. 

The hotel collection knife set provided by A to Z supplies is made from flawless stringent quality stainless steel which is exceptionally resistant and easy to handle. The optimum quality of hotel knives is attributed to luxury hollow handles made with high-purity stainless steel. Here is a list of the diversified variety of knife sets available at A to Z supplies, some of them are mentioned below;

Chef’s Knives

The right selection of the best knife set can revolutionize daily meal preparation and can lessen the burden of cooking and cutting on the chefs. A to Z supplies offer our clients super-sharp edge, sleek-shaped chef knives that can make cutting and chopping ingredients more fun. No matter what kind of salads you have to make, the razor-sharp hotel collection knife set can make dicing and slicing tasks easier and quicker for the chef. Our chef knives set are extremely sharp but they are super safe and easy to hold at the same time made by popular cutlery brands across the world. 

Table Knives

Hotel knife sets from A to Z supplies tend to enhance your dining table presentation. The table knives are made in an oblong raindrop shape that can enrich the pleasure of eating with its fine grip and finesse. These curved designed table knives are attributed with tapered, teardrop handles for a natural grip and decent look.

Cheese Knives

Serving cheese to your guests without cheese knives is just like presenting good food without the right utensils. The cheese knife set supplied by us is crafted with 18/10 stainless steel quality that not only looks great but is long-lasting too. So, don’t forget to serve the cheese lovers at your premises with the perfect cheese tools provided by us. 

Steak Knives 

Every food business owner knows that when steak is on the table, a set of steak knives should also be there for the convenience of their customers. The steak knife set provided by A to Z supplies is designed with smooth but sharp blade edges that can easily cut through the steaks and can enhance your customer’s experience. All our steak hotel knife sets are designed with their benchmark German engineering that gives you a perfect hand-feel.

Dessert Knives

A dessert knife is something that is used to slice through any kind of dessert and cut through the crusty loaf of loaves of bread without tearing or cracking their crust. These serrated hotel knives are dishwasher safe and can add quality to your cutlery collection. The high-quality steel used in the manufacturing of dessert knives set is rust-free and will maintain their shine for a longer period. The exemplary finish and rich quality hotel knives at A to Z Supplies are your best companion at the dining table.

Knife Sets Brands offered by A to Z Supplies



A to Z Supplies feels privileged in dealing with the supply of the world’s most popular cutlery brand IVO-Portugal which is renowned for its premium-quality professional and domestic-based cutlery. The hotel collection of knife sets at IVO-Portugal is made with cutting-edge technology using German stainless-steel material that is rust-free and retains its glare for a longer period. The brand has earned a high- reputation in the global marketplace because of its mission to provide unmatchable quality products at consumer-friendly prices. 

The professional knife sets made by IVO are attributed with original state handles that are made with a perfect mix of Santoprene and polypropylene for a comfortable grip. The razor-sharp edges can help the chefs in giving high performance within a short time. The boning hotel knives by IVO are also available at A to Z supplies that can make your chef work easier and quicker. 

The four-piece IVO hotel collection knife set is also available for commercial purposes and consists of 3.5 inches paring knife, 6 inches utility knife, and 8 inches bread and chef knife. We assure you that this four-piece knife set can make a solid foundation for your commercial kitchen needs. This stamped set is made to facilitate the cutting and dicing tasks by giving your knife a handy grip. The Santoku knife by IVO -Portugal is also available at A to Z supplies which play the dual role of both knife and a cleaver also. One of the best hotel knife sets for the chef is made with black stainless steel anti-glare material and gives a unique touch to your cutlery collection. The contemporary designs of these hotel collection knives set give balance, hygiene, and easy grip to the user. 

Besides, IVO-Portugal, A to Z supplies have made business ties with some other renowned manufacturers of cutlery and crockery and are enjoying our vast supplies and distribution network. With a vast experience in the kitchen supplies industry, A to Z Supplies feels overwhelmed to claim that our product collection is second to none. So, if you want to get benefited from the extensive range of hotel knives and other cutlery, don’t hesitate to connect with our 24/7 customer support service. Select the amazing designed best knife set from our online catalog and take your cutlery collection to the next level.