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A to Z World – The Biggest Hotel Table Accessory Supplier in Dubai

Whether you want rustic or classy hotel table accessories, we have got you covered. Our table accessories look great with any table arrangement in a catering facility.

At A to Z World, we provide a wide range of table accessories from well-known brands. For a well-designed and appealing table, we offer a large selection of commercial table accessories.

Our tableware assortment includes salt and pepper mills, table caddies, toast racks, menu holders, table numbers and signs, placemats, and table linen. To make a unique tabletop, choose from a variety of options.

Our hotel table accessories are of exceptional quality, ensuring their usefulness for a long time.

Bring a decorative touch to your dining area!

With our diverse variety of restaurant table decor accessories, you may liven the atmosphere.

This collection also includes higher-end restaurant table accessories made of high-quality synthetic materials.

Get a more premium look with our table accessory!

Get to Know Our Products

Tabletop accessories such as charger plates, napkin rings, spoon rest, and more may provide the right finishing touch to your table setting. Flatware, beverageware, plates, and bowls are among the fundamental needs your visitors will require to enjoy their meals.

Choose from a variety of materials, including china, porcelain, stoneware, metal, and melamine, to match your casual or formal dining establishment.

It takes time to set a dining table, and you want it to appear elegant. Find everything you’ll need for a table setting at Dubai’s largest dining accessories supplier, the A to Z World!

Our collection includes glasses, flatware, and other serving pieces that your clients will appreciate. Tableware is available in a variety of colors to complement the decor and style of your restaurant or bar.

Don’t forget to go through our restaurant supplies to enjoy our beautifully designed table accessories!

Hotel Table Accessory Material

A to Z World is well-known for its elegant and diverse assortment of hotel table accessories. We understand precisely what our clients want. Our Horeca supplies always satisfy their demands and expectations.

Glassware Table Accessory

It enlivens the environment, making it more friendly and energetic.

Glasses are another component that may be mixed and matched. Low versions in clear or tinted glass are more suggested for daily usage. It is a good idea to have crystal table accessories, wine glasses, and champagne flutes.

At A to Z World, we offer the best quality and heat-resistant glass hotel table accessories. They come in various elegant shapes and textures to tempt your guests.

Stainless Steel Table Accessory

Our stainless steel table accessory collection has all you need to show your decor skills.

A to Z World’s stainless steel is hammered to perfection and created using cutting-edge technology. The surface stays tarnishing-resistant and shiny for years, ensuring a lasting spot on your tables!

We’ve chosen some of the most popular stainless steel accessories from leading manufacturers. So you can enjoy entertaining your guests.

Stoneware Table Accessory

A to Z World’s stoneware accessories are the way to go if you want to add a bit of refinement to your tables. Our rustic stoneware range is devoid of organic shapes.

It complements your table decor with a blend of tempting aesthetics.

Stoneware accessories are dishwasher and microwave-safe. Their toughness assures long-term use. Each piece is individually decorated and has a distinct design.

Buffetware Manufacturing Brands Offered at A to Z World

The A to Z World objective is to provide excellent quality table accessory supplies near you. We have cordial business relationships with some of the world’s most prominent dining accessories manufacturers.

Below are listed a few of those brands:

●      The Cook’s Company UK

The Cook’s Company UK has everything you need for your dining table. It is well-known for producing and developing classic and tastefully designed porcelain and stoneware accessories. Their products exemplify greatness, quality, and creativity.

A to Z World is where you may find their high-quality, attractively designed glass hotel table accessories.

●      Abert Italy

Abert Italy is known for its traditional and finely designed cutlery manufactured and created in Italy. Their goods exemplify quality, innovation, and perfection.

At A to Z World, you can find their high-quality, artistically designed tools. With Abert Italy, you may discover even more intriguing and adaptable all-purpose porcelain dining table accessories.

●      Pentole Agnelli Italy

Pentole Agnelli’s table accessories are used all over the world. It is praised by the most seasoned chefs and food connoisseurs.

You’ll discover the perfect table decor in our extensive selection of high-quality table accessories.

●      Bisetti Italy

Bisetti’s legendary spice mills, pepper, and salt mills have been providing a breath of Italian finesse to the world’s best gourmet tables.

Bisetti is one of the few enterprises that continue to produce and process in its own manufacturing workshops. It ensures that all fans of great food have access to unique and original items.

Our dining table accessories are available in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. You will not have to search for hotel accessories near me if you choose us! We intend to fit any décor demand.

Setting tables for your restaurant may be a lot of fun. Colorful coasters and exquisite napkin holders might help to stir the imagination. A

nicely adorned table will put your customers in a good mood. A to Z WORLD ensures that your customers enjoy their meals at your hotel tables!