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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

A well-organized kitchen with the appropriate commercial restaurant equipment and supplies is required for running a restaurant. Whether you’re building a new restaurant, remolding an existing one, or simply trying to improve the level of service you provide to your customers, you should begin by looking at the design of your kitchen.

Cooking, meal prep, hot and cold food storage, plating, and other tasks should all have specific places in your kitchen design. After you’ve finalized your design, develop a list of the important restaurant kitchen supplies and equipment you’ll require, such as

Restaurant Equipment


Depending on your menu, you may require one or more items of industrial restaurant equipment:

Restaurant Smallware Equipment


Smallware is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of commercial food equipment, including:

Safety Equipment


To limit the danger of accidents in your restaurant kitchen, you should have the necessary safety equipment. Extinguishers, cut/pierce-resistant gloves, safety guards, smoke detectors, temperature gauges, and other items will be required. When working with a diverse equipment, you’ll also want to invest in various signage to convey cautions and warnings to your personnel.

Janitorial Equipment


You need to keep your restaurant clean. Mops, mop buckets, towels, bathroom cleaning supplies, degreaser, floor cleaner, paper products, hand soap, sanitizer, and other cleaning goods will be required. Garbage cans, recycling bins, and trash can liners are also required.

How to Source Your Restaurant Equipment


Restaurant equipment is costly, especially when you have to purchase all of the large appliances in addition to the smaller goods like cutlery and safety equipment. Restaurant operators frequently compare the expenses of buying new versus used restaurant equipment in order to save money. Each choice, like everything else in this industry, has advantages and disadvantages.

Find the Equipment That’s Right For Your Restaurant


Every commercial restaurant equipment is unique, with unique requirements based on the cuisine served and the type of clientele it seeks. When looking for equipment to begin starting as a restaurant owner or manager, keep your personal needs and priorities in mind.

The easiest method to start shopping for higher-priced equipment like your refrigerator and oven is to do your research, compare, and read reviews. If you need to apply for financing or loans, knowing what you need ahead of time and establishing a list of all the different pieces of equipment will help you concretize your needs.

Remember, it’s all about choosing the correct equipment for you and your business. Have fun shopping!

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